Meeting with Lacanau citizens

animation Lacanau

On Tuesday 7th February, the city council of Lacanau organised a public meeting for the citizens to discuss the major achievements, the next worksites and projects to preserve the future of the Lacanau coastline. On this occasion, citizen workshops were held before the public meeting to present various projects, including CoastSnap Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The team of the Observatoire de la côte de Nouvelle-Aquitaine led a workshop on the participative science project CoastSnap Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Those present were able to discover the project, which was born in Australia and is now being implemented in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Who takes the photos? How are they processed? What happens to the pictures? What use is it to scientists and planners? What can we observe a little over a year after the installation of the station? These were some of the questions answered by the Observatory’s team during this thematic workshop.

The presentation given during the workshop is available below.

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