The observation stations

Since the installation of the first 6 observation stations in Nouvelle-Aquitaine at the end of 2021, many citizens have contributed to a better knowledge of the evolution of the coastline.
Through the pages specific to each site, you will be able to find more information on the site in question, trace the evolution of the site via video timelapses, access the image gallery and compare two photos previously selected in the gallery.

La Brée-les-Bains

The La-Brée-les-Bains station is located south of the Pointe de Prouard, on top of the dyke separating the beach from the coastal path.

From that station, it is possible to monitor the evolution of the dune, beach and foreshore as a system against sea surges. 

This site is regularly refilled with sediment.


The observation station of Lacanau is located on the belvedere (roof of the first aid post) at the level of the central beach.
The particularity of this site is that the coastline is fixed by a rockwork. Sand is replenished every year in the spring.

Biscarrosse Plage

The Biscarrosse observation station is located at the top of the south beach access opposite the Mama Freda bar. The station allows you to observe the beach looking north towards the blockhouses and the Twin Villas. This emblematic site is regularly refilled with sand.


This station is located along the seafront terrace, to the north of the stream.

It enables to monitor the beach dynamic on both sides of the outlet

Santocha, Capbreton

The Capbreton station is located on the Santocha beach, next to the heliport on the dune overlooking the beach.
The particularity of the beach is that it is downstream of the protected sea front, regularly recharged thanks to a hydraulic by-pass system.

Lafitenia, Saint-Jean-de-Luz

The Saint-Jean-de-Luz observation station is located on the Lafitenia South site, at the top of the cliff, at the car park next to the coastal path.

This freely evolving bay beach is bordered by a crumbly rocky cliff resting on a rocky base.