Discover the evolution of the beach of Lacanau between January and November 2022

Thanks to the many photos sent in every day by citizens, it is possible to trace the evolution of the central beach of Lacanau from January to November 2022 and to draw the first scientific conclusions.

The rocky spur that is clearly visible in January indicates a lowering of the beach level, whereas the spur that is almost entirely covered with sand in November 2022 indicates, on the contrary, a natural recharging of the beach with sediment.

These observed variations in the state of the beach may be part of a more general seasonal dynamic whereby the beach tends to erode (loss of sediment) during the winter period under the effect of strong swells, and to grow (gain of sediment) in the summer period.

Since the installation of the observation post in December 2021, more than 1000 photos have been received.

Thanks to the sharp eye of the observers, the images have been added to a citizens’ photo library of the coastline. From these shots of the beach from the same fixed point, it is possible to follow the evolution over time of the position of the coastline, variations in beach level, vegetation, etc.

This information contributes to a better understanding of the evolution of these sites and to the efficient and sustainable management of our beaches.

Many thanks to the citizens who have visited the Lacanau site!

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