Discover the evolution of Lafitenia beach between January and November 2022

Thanks to the many photos sent in every day by citizenz, it is possible to retrace the evolution of Lafitenia beach from January to November 2022 and to make some initial scientific conclusions.

Stretching over 500 metres, Lafitenia Bay is an ideal reference point for monitoring the evolution of the coastline.

The particularity of the site :

  • rocky cliffs ;
  • erosion due to ground movements;
  • chronic erosion: 0.15 metres per year;
  • beach rotation phenomenon.

When the sand covers the rocky outcrops on the left side of the beach (south-west), the outcrops on the right side of the beach (north-east) are uncovered, and vice versa.

To date, we have received more than 1,000 contributions from citizens for the Lafitenia site alone!

Thanks to the sharp eye of the observers, the images have been added to a citizens’ photo library of the coastline. From these shots of the beach from the same fixed point, it is possible to follow the evolution over time of the position of the coastline, variations in beach level, vegetation, etc.

This information contributes to a better understanding of the evolution of these sites and to the efficient and sustainable management of our beaches.

Many thanks to the observers who have visited the Lafitenia beach!

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